Patient Monitor With a Trolley


Touch Screen, 3/5 Lead ECG,


PR, 2-TEMP, Lithium Battery

12V DC input



Masimo SpO2



EtCO2(Side Stream, Main Stream, Micro Stream)

Thermal Recorder

Wi-Fi module

VGA output

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Product Description

This patient monitor with a trolley is an all-in-one, reliable, and easy-to-use medical equipment solution. It features a touch screen and a variety of sensors, including 3/5 Lead ECG, HR, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, PR, and 2-TEMP. The monitor is powered by a lithium battery and 12V DC input for extended usage. Additionally, there are optional features such as 2-IBP, Masimo SpO2, and Nellcor SPO2 for more accurate readings. And with the EtCO2 (Side Stream, Main Stream, Micro Stream), Thermal Recorder, and Wi-Fi module options available you can easily keep track of your patient’s health from any location. Lastly, it also has a VGA output for connecting to other devices or monitors. This patient monitor is ideal for healthcare professionals who need reliable monitoring solutions in their line of work.

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