Training & Aftersales Services

As medical equipment suppliers, we often provide a range of training and after-sales services to support the use and maintenance of the equipment they sell.

Types of training and aftersales services

  1. Installation and commissioning: We offer installation and commissioning services to ensure that equipment is set up correctly and is ready for use.
  2. User training: We provide training for end-users on how to properly operate and maintain the equipment. This training may be provided on-site, online, or through instructional manuals and videos.
  3. Technical support: We may provide technical support to assist customers with equipment issues, including troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance.
  4. Calibration and certification: We provide calibration and certification services to ensure that equipment is operating within acceptable standards and is in compliance with industry regulations.
  5. Upgrades and software updates: We offer upgrades and software updates to enhance the functionality and performance of equipment.
  6. Warranty and repair services: We offer warranty and repair services to ensure that equipment remains in good working condition and to provide customers with peace of mind.
  7. Spare parts and accessories: We provide spare parts and accessories to ensure that customers have access to the parts they need to maintain and repair their equipment.

Overall, the training and aftersales services offered by Advanced Medical Solutions Limited are designed to help customers get the most out of their equipment and ensure that it continues to operate effectively over time. These services can also help to reduce downtime and improve patient outcomes by ensuring that equipment is properly maintained and functioning as intended.